Monday, October 20, 2003

tonight has been the best night ever! the ensemble performed--- so good! on in particular i loved- really connected you know... i really miss alex and robetrt and greg. so sad. LOVE GREG! oh and i have to miss class next week- but im in raleigh with chours yay chours! i get to see edie- coolest person eveeer! we really have to get a few people for the corn maze but gotta go with partners cause i like my life!( the game assasin) anyway no homework toniht cause PSATs tomarrow so i did my history map lol yeah sad. oh cm during lunch ahah funniest thing i saw all day!
*get your sleep, live your life, be a dork (thanks elinore!)

oh!- livers i need to talk to you baddddso call me tomarrow or something i donno sometime soon....remember when we went to the phili deli lol ahh harry eyebrow man- yeah its about his twin lol. not good
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Saturday, October 11, 2003

so this morning i get up and before i even say a single word to my mom she starts bitching at me...started my day off great. tonights homecoming-the dance part...yay. sorry im not that enthusiastic today, nothings going well, it will be better when i see my friends. anyway sorry for this sucky entry but i really dont feel like talking to anyone so bye.

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Thursday, October 09, 2003

ok so today was a ok day and then my mom gets home and puts me through a living hell. all about how skrewed up i am and other family shit, if you wanna know more ask me and i may tell you but i must tell you...i could start yelling and crying so if you wanna go down that road go ahead. anyway- i just read that and relized how depressing that makes me sound so ill start over.
today was PJ day and i get on the bus and no highschoolers are in them except for me so i become a little bit nervous about whether or not it is TRULEY pj day, it was but htis junior girl called me a loser as a joke and i laughed but it really wasnt funny....ANYWAY...i got to school and saw marge and she was wearing flying pig bright pink pjs so i figured out it was. anyway- i forget what made my day bad but oh wait no i dont! it was because someone missunderstood me and said they didnt want to talk to me so i got a little offended and all...its all good though. i really dont rumors whos with me? sorry- random little though. Oh marge and i got in a paintfight today SO FUN! homecomings tomarrow get excited go hawks! friends is on in 10 min so im really looking foward to that, i need to laugh a real laugh, its been a while. anyway im off to the races..ahh i hate it when people say that so im off!
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